Schedule / Agenda

2020 Conference Agenda

All cannabis industry and sub industries will be represented in our (Free to public) Expo Hall. 

Subjects Covered Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Cannabis Accounting, Marketing, Banking, Payment Processing, Cannabis Practice Management, Patient Advocacy (Friday), Packaging, Dosing, Patient Education (Friday), Medical Experts, Patients Studies and Outcomes, Hemp Industry, Cooking with cannabis, Legal Resources, Medical Resources, Botanical, Smoking, Vaping, Tinctures, Salves, & Topical, Cannabis Accessories, POS & Management Software, Private Equity & Investment Resources, Training & Education (Sunday also with Career Extracts), Testing & Lab Services, and so much more.  We encourage you to google search speakers if you would like to get to know them prior’s to conference. 


Thursday February 20

9:00 am – Vendor Registration Opens
10:00 am – Vendor set-up begins for Gold and above
12 noon – All vendors may begin set-up
5:00 pm – EXPO Hall set-up closes
6:30 – 8:00 pm – Vendor Welcome and Thank You Reception (see you in THE CAVE)

Friday February 21

Friday is designed to educate patients or potential patients

8:30 am – EXPO Hall Opens
9:00 am – Registration Opens
Main Session Hall
10:00 am – Welcome and Introductions with Co-Founders Jill Giles and Dawn Yarnell

Moderator Josphine Cannella-Krehl – President – MMJ Knowledge, LLC

10:15 am – Judge Doug Bench -Rethink Green – personal story & CBD is a game changer for optimal health

11:00 am – Robert Platshorn – Silver Tour  

11:45 am –  Veteran Panel Moderated by Robert Roundtree
12:30 pm – Break for lunch on your own (Lunch concessions and seating available in Expo Hall)
1:30 pm –  Cannamoms 
2:00 pm –  Rick Naya – The Grandfather of Hybrid, Gainesville Green and lobbyist/advocate in N.H. & FL

2:45 pm – Legislation panel

3:15 pm – Dr. Corey Burchman – Patient Guide to Dispensaries

4:00 pm –  Dr. Terel Newton – Medical Cannabis Dosing and Reducing Side Effects

5:00 pm – Nick Bottaro – A Cannabis Consultation, Establishing Standard of Care  

5:45 pm – Closing
6:30 – 8:30 pm – Welcome Reception

Saturday February 22

Physicians and Keynotes educate all Clinicians for CME/CEU’s

Main Session Hall 

7:00 am – Registration Opens

8:00 am – Welcome and Introductions with Co-Founders Jill Giles and Dawn Yarnell

Moderator J.P. Smith – President – Celsius Marketing | Interactive

8:15 am – Dr. Greg Gerdeman – Workplace Cannabis Pharmacology
8:45 am – Dr. Richard Boxer – Research not Anecdotes
9:15 am – Dr. Barry Gordon -Intro to Cannabis, ECS and Safety Measures
9:45 am – Dr. Michelle Weiner -Pain Management and Like Conditions
10:15 am – Dr. Kelly King – Treatment Pathways
10:45 am – Dr. Brazelia Lazzari – CBD as an Option for Treatment
11:15 am – Dr. Terel Newton –  The Future of Medical Cannabis: Research and more
11:45 am – Dr. Joseph Rosado –  Medical Cannabis and Cardiovascular Diseases (followed by book signing)
12:30 – Break for lunch on your own (concession lunch available in Expo Hall)

12:30 – 1:30pm – Lunch and Learn (Physicians Only, limited to 100 physicians) Sponsored by Columbia Care
1:30 pm – Dr. Ira Price (Keynote) – Opioids Crisis and Cannabis 

2:15 pm – Dr. Corey Burchman – Clinical Cannabinoid Therapeutics

2:45 pm – Medical Panel (Moderated by Dr. Barry Gordon)

3:30 pm – James West – Arfinn – Grow Your Practice with our Free Cannabis Specific EMR & Treatment Report Platform
4:00 pm – Montel Williams
5:00 pm – Closing
6:00 pm – VIP Reception
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm – After Party

Friday February 21

Friday is designed to educate patients or potential patients

Saturday Break-Out Sessions

The Business of Cannabis

Break Out Room 1 

 10:00 am – Kat Almulla & Tara Tedrow, Esq.- Cannabis: The Laws & The Lessons- How to Start and Operate a

Compliant Company

If you are starting a business in cannabis, Don’t Miss these dynamic women! 

11:15 am – Dr. Zac Pilossoph – Pets and Cannabis 

12 noon – Break for lunch on your own (Lunch concessions and seating available in Expo Hall)

1:45 pm – Marketing Panel
2:15 pm – Cultivation Panel

2:45 to 3:30 pm – Don Moxley – The Therapeutic yet Enigmatic Nature of Cannabis Terpenes
4:00 pm – Back to Main Session Hall for Montel Williams

Breakout Room 2:

9:45 am – Paula Savchenko, Esq. – Business Taxation: Strategies to Overcome Current Difficulties 

 10:45 am – Women in Power panel 
12 noon – Break for lunch on your own (Lunch concessions and seating available in Expo Hall)

1:00 pm -Athletes Panel NFL-  Nate Eachus, NHL Rob Schremp, NFL Boo Williams, Moderated by Don Moxley
2:00 pm – Leadership and Business Regulation Panel 
3:00 – 3:30 pm – Carrie Knight, Esq. – Florida Hemp
4:00 pm – Montel Williams back to the Main Session Hall

Sunday February 23

You will find your new career in cannabis here!

10:00 am – 3:00 pm Career fair

(Lunch concessions and seating available in Expo Hall)

Additional activities throughout space and weekend

Chef’s ROW in Exhibit Hall

Media ROW
Hemp coffee 
Selfie Station
Photo Booth
Meet and Greet Montel Williams VIP with a ticket/Saturday evening party

EXPO Hall Talks

One Plant
Liberty Health Science
Columbia Care

Altopa – Oblend