Attendee Registration

Register today to reserve your spot at the upcoming Florida Medical Cannabis Conference. There are attending options for everyone, including those for the whole family. VIP registration benefits: to be announced soon!

The Florida Medical Cannabis Conference is designed to provide unprecedented education, new cannabis experiences and networking opportunities under one roof.

The Florida Medical Cannabis Conference features inspiring presentations with both one on one, as well as, group sessions for patients and physicians in an open Exhibit Hall with the best the industry has to offer from dispensaries to various cannabis products.

Come visit this fascinating and educational conference. Deepen your knowledge of THC, CBD and how to develop your brand in the market.

FMCC 2019 Conference floor

Now, with a growing body of research from across the world and much evidence on the positive benefits of “cannabis as medicine,” more physicians are showing greater interest in patient recommendations. We strategically select keynote speakers, innovators and expert panels to extend multiple layers of support to Florida’s growing patient registry (170k+).

FMCC 2019 Conference floor

Our mission is to ensure each presenter does not overlap information and provides content that will help your business grow and your patients find success with medical cannabis.

We ensure our audience that we will have a few speakers or guests that you may not normally see on the Florida Cannabis circuit.