Our Story

Dawn Yarnell and Jill Giles

We are Jill and Dawn, your FMCC Event Co-Founders. We are proud to officially invite you to the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference in Orlando 2020! We are lifelong best friends, business partners and advocates for education, health and healing.  Combined we offer twenty years of experience in healthcare and clinical program development.

In 2002, Jill was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus.  Her symptoms were intolerable; joint pain, restlessness and her conditions were managed by a Rheumatologist.  Often as close friends do, Dawn took on the management of Jill’s recovery process as though it was her own. Over the years as her symptoms progressed Jill began seeking out specialists throughout Florida she was referred to a Neurologist for severe headaches and seizures, resulting in a diagnosis of Lupus Cerebritis.

Today, Jill is no longer taking 8 of her 9 medication, seizure free and has stayed out of the hospital! Together they harness the power of everlasting friendship as a recipe for recovery. Together they share how medical cannabis can heal & transform lives in so many ways.